Swimming to Ithaca

Published by Little, Brown in April 2006

"This is a gripping read."
The Times

You never really know the past, not even your own. As a university history lecturer such thoughts have always been in Thomas Denham's mind, but following the death of his mother they come to the fore as he picks his way through her papers and photos in an attempt to discover her story.

It's a past that he shared as a 10-year-old boy, when his family was posted to Cyprus in the days of EOKA bombs and killings, but Thomas' adult perception of events is very different from his childhood memories. Which is closest to the truth - or are all such reminiscences a kind of fiction?

Swimming to Ithaca was published in hardcover by Little, Brown (April 2006) and came out in Abacus paperback in June 2007





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