The Fall

published by Little, Brown in UK and US (2003)

Winner of the Boardman-Tasker Prize for Mountaineering Literature, 2003 and
a New York Times Notable Book of 2003

" of the most credible accounts I've ever read of two people falling in love."
New York Times

Set partly wartime Britain, partly in the anarchic world of British rock climbing in the early seventies, The Fall is about many kinds of falling: off mountains, into love, out of love, from grace.

The novel follows two stories that are interlinked: the life and times of Jamie Mattewson, a world famous mountaineer and his friend and one time climbing partner, Rob Dewar. But the other story that moves behind this is the story of their parents during the years of the Second World War. How the one impnges on the other and how memory and betrayal have their effects across the generations is the central theme of the novel.




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