ANCESTRY now (1 June) published as Abacus paperback. Currently on the shortlist for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction, 2023.

Ancestry is published by Little, Brown in Britain and Other Press in the US

"Ancestry is utterly cleverly constructed and beautifully written"
- The Times, 19/7/2022


This is the story of two working class families in the middle of the 19th century, a tale of London's East End, of war in Crimea and a hurricane in the Caribbean, of love, both illicit and marital, of tragedy and fulfilment. But it is no Victorian romance; rather, it's an exploration of the borderline between fiction and historical fact, and above all it's a homage to and a celebration of people who once lived but only survive now as entries in dusty, official registers.

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Shortlisted for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction, 2023

Current Titles:

PRAGUE SPRING is published by Little, Brown in UK and Other Press in the US.

"Superbly written, poignant and polished, this story will haunt you" The Sunday Mirror

"as good as anything Simon Mawer has written; which means it is very good indeed." Allan Massie in the Scotsman

TIGHTROPE, winner of the Walter Scott Prize 2016, is the postwar story of Marian Sutro, protagonist of The Girl Who Fell From The Sky.

"...a sophisticated, deviously constructed story..." Nick Rennison, writing in the Sunday Times.

"Tightrope is gripping stuff, with a sinuous plot and some haunting bedroom scenes." Mail on Sunday.

"Mawer blows the dust off the history and makes it matter as you read." Allan Massie in The Scotsman.

THE GIRL WHO FELL FROM THE SKY - the story of Marian Sutro's wartime experience with the Resistance in France.

"...I cannot fault his story-telling; I read late into the night and cried a little when I was done." Guardian

THE GLASS ROOM - Shortlisted for the 2009 Man Booker Prize, the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction and the Wingate Prize

published in January 2009 by Little, Brown.

"...Mawer’s control of his themes of language, desire, memory and the power of place is extraordinary..." The Daily Telegraph.

"...a thing of extraordinary beauty and symmetry." The Guardian

Read reviews of The Glass Room here. Watch an interview and reading from the book here.






find out more about Prague Spring

Prague Spring (Little, Brown, 2018)


Tightrope (Abacus paperback, 2016)

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky (Abacus paperback, May 2013)


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