Mendel's Dwarf, the film

Is there a film of Mendel's Dwarf? Well, there is a screenplay - actually there has been a number of screenplays over the years - and Sonny Murray has been working for most of that time to get the project off the ground. Barwood Films, Barbra Streisand's production company, has also long been involved but now Jason Gould, son of Barbra Steisand and Elliott Gould, has joined the team. A further rewrite by him and Sonny appears to have brought renewed interest in the proposal. While the part of Benedict Lambert is easy - Peter Dinklage, star of The Station Agent, is all but signed up - the new screenplay is now being handled by Endeavor, the leading talent agency, and is being shown to an number of A list actresses for the part of Jean Piercey. Names can't be mentioned, but you would know them well. We are waiting...








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